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FoFill can proudly present new Micro Meals - a portion of packaged protein porridge that is ''good 2 go''!

You've probably seen them online, the athletes who make their morning porridge look like a dessert from a restaurant that you just can't get enough of. They mix protein powder with oatmeal, topped with berries and other goodies in the porridge. It looks absolutely fantastic, of course, but what good is it when you have neither the time nor the energy to make anything other than really boring oatmeal or a dry sandwich? Fear not, FoFill has the solution!
Now our porridges are finally live with three amazing flavors: Apple pie Cinnamon, Strawberry VanillaDream & Chocolate ToffeeCore! In addition, all our porridges are packed with a whopping 21g of protein (per portion), plenty of healthy fibers and no added sugar!

Micro Meals will be rolled out in grocery stores, gyms and our website during week 35.

Same price 4x the size!
/ Team FoFill

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