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Welcome to our FAQ section! We appreciate you being here and want to make it easy for you to get quick answers. Below you will find information about FoFill's products and services, compiled to effectively answer your questions. Thank you for choosing us!

Shipping, Returns & Orders

Below are some frequently asked questions about shipping, returns and orders.

You don't deliver the pizzas to my city?

Our Pan Pizzas are delivered to Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmö, among others. See all areas HERE . If we do not deliver to your address, check under ''our customers'' to see if we have a store near you. We are available at most ICA and Hemköp stores, we also sell our products at customers such as Foodora Market, Gymgrossiten, etc.

Where do you deliver your protein pizzas?

We currently deliver to Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmö including all nearby areas for the cities. Are you wondering if we deliver to your city? Check out exactly where we deliver HERE .

Where do you deliver your protein porridge?

We deliver our protein porridges all over the world and Sweden. So no matter where you live, you can enjoy our healthy and tasty porridges! You can also find our retailers of the protein porridges here .

Porridge and pizza in the shopping cart, a shipping cost?

If you have both protein pizza and protein porridge in the shopping cart and are checking out, the shipping costs will be combined into a shipping cost "Delivery". This cost is both for the home delivery of the pizza and the package of porridge that is sent to your agent . When you have both products in the shopping cart, a home delivery date will automatically be selected for you. You will receive information about which date and time has been chosen in the confirmation email which
sent to your email after your purchase. If the date and time chosen does not suit you, you can easily change it by following the instructions you have received in the confirmation email or by contacting Gordon Deliery directly and requesting a new date/time. You contact them HERE .

I can't order / won't proceed with my order from the shopping cart?

We deliver the Protein Grötarna to all of Sweden and the world.
The protein pizzas are delivered to your door via Gordon Delivery. Today we deliver to the majority of cities in central and southern Sweden, but unfortunately not to all of Sweden. See which postcodes we deliver to here .

If you have both Protein Porridge and Protein Pizza in your shopping cart but live in a city where we do not deliver the pizzas , your order will be blocked and you cannot check out.

Then try removing the pizzas from your shopping cart and proceed with only the porridges.

How can I track my order?

When you have placed an order with us and we have shipped your order, you will receive an e-mail or SMS with a tracking link.

Free delivery?

Our protein porridges and protein pizzas have different deliveries. We offer free shipping for both ranges on orders over SEK 599. Otherwise, a shipping cost of SEK 89 will be added.

Return, right of withdrawal and exchange

If you have received products that have broken during transport, you of course have the right to a return. Click here to proceed.

About FoFill

Frequently asked questions regarding FoFill's products

Who is FoFill aimed at?

FoFill's products are suitable for anyone who wants to treat themselves to a healthy and protein-rich meal - completely without added sugar. Our products are perfect for every occasion when you want to give your taste buds a real reward. They are particularly well suited in connection with training as they are enriched with protein and other benefits.

Why is protein important?

Physical activity increases protein turnover in the muscles. Hard training leads to an increase in the breakdown of muscles and because of this the muscles need to be "repaired". Therefore, it is important to get protein
when exercising.

What does "without added sugar" mean?

Some of our raw materials contain natural sugars, but we have not added any sugar to the products. Of this, the products are ''without
added sugar''.

What makes your pizza base so special?

Our pizza base is special thanks to our unique protein bread recipe - low in calories, completely without added sugar and enriched with extra protein. We make each base from scratch with great care, so you can enjoy a tastier and healthier pizza experience!

Where is your protein porridge produced?

Our porridge is produced in Sweden.

Where is your protein pizza produced?

Our pizza is produced in Sweden.

Do you have Swedish meat on your pizzas?

Our Original Pan Pizza has Swedish high-quality ham and our BBQ Chicken has quality chicken from Swedish farms.

Can I subscribe to your products?

Yes you can! By subscribing to our products, it becomes even easier to eat well and achieve your goals. In our store you can choose "subscribe" on the product page.

Can't find the answer to your question?

Do not hesitate to send us a message.