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From tiring gym days to satisfying joy - that's how FoFill was born!

The year
2018 marked the beginning of our journey with FoFill. We shared the frustration
over the constant need to prepare meals and the time-consuming
the planning of healthy food. Often we had to settle for less useful ones
alternative when time or energy was not enough. This constant struggle
led us to a simple realization: there must be a better way. So
FoFill was born out of the desire to make healthy food both easily accessible and
delicious for everyone.

We at FoFill believe in doing healthy eating
to a pleasure, not a sacrifice. Our passion and aspiration to
making your everyday life easier and tastier is endless. Discover the joy of food
without compromise with FoFill - where good taste meets nutritious simplicity!

Our core values

Security with FoFill

Our core principles are the mirror of our commitment to achieving excellence, promoting health and inspiring creativity. These core values ​​permeate every aspect of what we do at FoFill, from the development of our products to our website and customer service.

Innovation and creativity

Passion for quality

Focus on your health

We want to offer and make healthy foods easily accessible

We at FoFill can guarantee that every day we do our best to offer food of the highest quality and that we are with you all the way to the finish line .

— Team FoFill


our history


FoFill's origin from idea to AB

During the summer of 2017, in the midst of a strict low-calorie diet, FoFill's founders realized the lack of available meals that were both high in protein and low in calories. Their frustration with the limited market inspired them to develop a solution: healthy, fresh ready meals that didn't compromise on taste or quality. This vision soon became a reality; in the spring of 2018, FoFill AB was founded. With a strong focus on innovation and quality, they worked towards the goal of offering tasty, nutritious meals, which laid the foundation for FoFill's success.


Launch and Nordic Wellness

After FoFill AB was formed, the team spent the time until autumn 2019 carefully fine-tuning their products. They wanted to be absolutely sure that their offering was of the highest possible standard before it was introduced to the market. At the end of 2019, it was time: FoFill launched its first healthy fresh ready meals, with Nordic
Wellness as their first major customer. The launch was an immediate success, and the market response was overwhelmingly positive. This was the starting point for FoFill's journey, a period where the company's commitment to quality and innovation was not only noticed but deeply appreciated by customers.


Launch of Protein Porridge and E-commerce

In 2020, FoFill released Protein Gröt, aka Micro Meals, with 30% protein, no sugar, high in fiber and low in calories, which became a hit among the health conscious. In the midst of the pandemic, FoFill invested in e-commerce, which ensured the availability of their nutritious products during difficult times.
The year marked not only the success of Protein Porridge, but also FoFill's adaptability and commitment to customer health and well-being.


Expansion to DVH

2021 stood out as a development year for FoFill, where the company, in parallel with its investment in e-commerce, refocused on B2B and grocery retail. Today, FoFill is available at Stockfiller and in many grocery stores.


SampeV2 x FoFill

FoFill is pleased to announce an exciting progress in our continued expansion: SampeV2, one of Sweden's most prominent YouTubers and
training profiles, has joined as a partner in the company. This partnership marks a significant milestone in our endeavor to broaden our reach and introduce FoFill's high-quality offerings and products to a wider audience. SampeV2's deep roots in the fitness and health community, combined with his extensive following, gives us a unique opportunity to engage and inspire even more people to prioritize their health and well-being with FoFill.


The foundation is set and the goal is continued development

FoFill has established itself as a strong player in the market with a robust website, a wide network of dealers, and two products that have won the hearts of customers. The company's next step is to further develop its range with new, innovative products and to expand its customer base.

Our Partners

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