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From tiring gym days to satisfying joy - that's how FoFill was born!

The year
2018 marked the beginning of our journey with FoFill. We shared the frustration
over the constant need to prepare meals and the time-consuming
the planning of healthy food. Often we had to settle for less useful ones
alternative when time or energy was not enough. This constant struggle
led us to a simple realization: there must be a better way. So
FoFill was born out of the desire to make healthy food both easily accessible and
delicious for everyone.

We at FoFill believe in doing healthy eating
to a pleasure, not a sacrifice. Our passion and aspiration to
making your everyday life easier and tastier is endless. Discover the joy of food
without compromise with FoFill - where good taste meets nutritious simplicity!

Our core values

Security with FoFill

Our core principles reflect our commitment to striving for excellence, fostering innovation and creativity, and creating an environment of respect and inclusion both within our team and with our valued customers.

Innovation and creativity

Passion for quality

Focus on your health

We want to offer and make healthy foods easily accessible

As a co-owner of FoFill, I can guarantee that every day we do our best to offer food of the highest quality and that we are with you all the way to the finish line.

— Samuel Strongegger, SampeV2

From vision to reality


FoFill's origins

It all started in the summer of 2017 when we both went on a low calorie diet. We meal-prepped every Sunday for the coming week, gorged ourselves on the salad bar and tried to find other sensible food options to no avail. Our requirements for the food were that it should be
high in protein but at the same time low in calories, and
we soon realized that the options that existed
on the market had major shortcomings. It was
here as the idea of ​​training oriented, fresh
ready meals were born – we wanted to prove that
it is actually possible to make protein-rich and
low-calorie dishes of high quality.
Once the concept was in place, we started
work on developing a product that
would match our vision and put
the foundation of the company.



During the first to third quarter of 2019, we devoted ourselves to polishing the final details of our product to ensure that it was worthy of launching into the market. In the fourth quarter of 2019, our first product was launched, namely healthy fresh ready meals, and our biggest customer became Nordic Wellness. The products were received very well and with great enthusiasm from the market. It marked the beginning of a successful journey where our dedication to quality and innovation was clearly appreciated.


Protein porridge

We continued to grow and expand our range of fresh ready meals with a particular focus on Nordic Wellness and other gym chains. Towards the end of the first quarter we were all hit by a pandemic. During this period we had to reevaluate and increase our focus on e-commerce. In order to easily manage logistics and the sustainability aspects that come with e-commerce, we developed a completely new product.

By researching what could help people achieve their fitness goals and identifying which meal of the day was underrepresented, the choice became obvious – breakfast. We analyzed the most common fitness breakfast today, which usually includes oatmeal, protein powder and topped with fruit and berries. This insight led to the development of our new product, FoFill protein porridge.



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FoFill has recently reached a significant milestone and plans to expand after the challenging period of the pandemic. Since FoFill's inception, the founders have had a close and mutually valued relationship with SampeV2, who found the products the company produced very appealing. After careful consideration, FoFill and Samuel decided to deepen their collaboration by letting Samuel become a co-owner of FoFill.

In today's business, Samuel acts as the face of FoFill and is actively involved in the company. His partnership with FoFill has not only strengthened the ties between the companies but has also helped strengthen and diversify FoFill's management team. Samuel's commitment and expertise has become a significant asset to FoFill and is likely to play a key role in the planned expansion post-pandemic. This partnership marks a successful integration of competencies and a continued pursuit of growth and development for FoFill.


Sweden's first protein pizza

FoFill launches Sweden's first, tastiest and healthiest protein pizza. This pizza quickly became a customer favorite.